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Timeless Travel Trailers is the leader in the design and production of custom trailers and motorized vehicles. Our vehicles are handcrafted for recreation, experiential marketing, entertainment, mobile retail, food and beverage service, and hospitality. While customization of new or vintage Airstream shells has been our core business, we continue broaden our opportunities with Airstream motorhomes, our own Westcraft trailer and Flxible bus brands, restomod trucks, and specialty motor vehicles.

Whether you’re RV-ing this summer with family and friends, creating a memorable experience for your brand or an engaging connection with your client's audience, Timeless provides you with all the necessary resources, and collaborates with you to customize a purpose-built vehicle bound to take you and your audience to a 'happy place'.


We have the best production team members in the business. We employ only the best engineers, designers and skilled craftsmen in our production facility. Years of experience ensure your vehicle is built thoughtfully, with safety and reliability being our top priority.
What sets Airstream apart from its competitors is build quality and integrity.  Here at Timeless Travel Trailers we understand the Airstream pedigree and take that responsibility to heart. There is only one way to build a vehicle; the right way. We take this philosophy and apply it to all vehicles we work on.
At Timeless Travel Trailers, we ensure that all work meets all necessary current codes. As years have passed, the code has been revised to include newer, safer construction standards. From a new build to a vintage restoration, Timeless Travel Trailers will make certain it is safe, keeping you on the road, not in a repair shop.
Timeless Travel Trailers is the exclusive Airstream custom shop. Airstream trusts us with their work, allowing only Timeless to order empty shells of the entire Airstream line and finish them to meet your needs. In addition to Airstream, Mercedes Benz, Fiat and many other manufacturers trust us to customize their vehicles.
In a Timeless Travel Trailers, you will find many of the same high-end finishes you would find in a custom luxury home.  Solid surface countertops, real wood cabinetry and veneers, hardwood flooring and much more!
All coaches are built in our state of the art, climate controlled shop. Timeless Travel Trailers is the largest custom Airstream manufacturer in North America.
We employ over 25 craftspeople and technicians. Every member of the Timeless Travel Trailer team has an ongoing love affair with the vintage lifestyle afforded by trailers of yesteryear. Our team tenderly brings the shells of these recreational vehicles back to life and fills them with amenities to suit their individual owners’ tastes and desires. Every one of our trailers is truly unique and road-worthy.


You have already taken the right first step in researching us here at Timeless Travel Trailers. Give us a call or send an email and we can start discussing your needs. Once we have basic information we will supply you with an Initial Quote.
Next, we will start the design and production scheduling. With a Production Space Deposit, we can secure a production slot for your project and with an executed Design Contract we get the ball rolling on design. This part of the process takes an average of 6 weeks. This is where our staff of engineers and designers will put the final plans together as well as meet with you to discuss interior design.
This stage is where Timeless will complete the final estimate. Each part of the design will be accounted for and an accurate total will be tallied.
Depending on the scope of work, this can take from 6 to 20 weeks. Since it can take some time, during the production process we will keep you up to date with progress reports and photos every couple of weeks. Approximately 3/4th of the way, we do a walk around of the coach either in person or via Skype. This will give you a chance to see the work in its entirety, plus it gives you an excuse to visit beautiful Colorado!
You are welcome to visit our facility at any time during the production process.  Once completed, some clients pick up their vehicle at our facility in Colorado; others have it delivered. If you choose to have your vehicle delivered, Timeless will arrange all logistics and transport your vehicle to you by the best, safest, and most economical method possible.


The Airstream’s iconic shape and polished aluminum exterior makes it the most recognizable travel trailer on the road.
While best known for our luxurious restoration and customisation of vintage Airstream travel trailers, Timeless customers can also enjoy the option of starting with a brand new Airstream shell. Airstream trusts us with their work, allowing Timeless to order empty shells of the entire Airstream line and have it custom outfitted to the customer's individual tastes and desires.


From the mid-1970's to the mid-1990's Airstream produced a motorized version of their iconic trailers. NASA used them to transport astronauts to and from the space shuttle! Timeless can customize these amazing motorhomes to meet your needs.
The Westcraft trailers are known for their “pullman" or "Trolley Tops" were on the verge of extinction. That was until the staff at Timeless reversed engineered them, now they can produce a Westcraft in nearly any length and even a 5th wheel!
After WWII Spartan Aircraft assigned their team of engineers and airplane mechanics to a new project; the fast growing industry of travel trailers. With its panoramic windows, lightweight construction and unmistakable design, Timeless can customize a Spartan that is perfect for your needs. 
In 2014 Timeless acquired The Flxible Company.  Flxible was established in 1916 making it the oldest member of the Timeless family. Over the years Flxible has built, professional vehicles, ambulances, hearses and most notably, buses.. The next generation of Flxible buses is now on the drawing boards bringing together classic design and modern engineering for tour operators, experiential marketing, motorhomes, and other uses.
Over the years there have been many iconic and aesthetically appealing vehicles designed and built. Timeless practices a process called “restomod” on these older beauties where we restore and modernize the vehicles, primarily for commercial uses. We take the old bodies and mount them on modern chassis and drivetrains to make a classic and dependable vehicle.
In such a competitive restaurant market, a Timeless vehicle can give your business the advantage needed to stand apart and not only gain exposure but increase profits. A Timeless mobile food and beverage vehicle can help entice more customers and build a new customer base that wasn’t previously available! From food truck events, to catering, to coffee carts, we can build you a coach that meets your needs.
Pop-up retail shops, mobile conference rooms and experiential marketing vehicles are not only a great way to reach your target audience but also to increase revenue as well as brand awareness. With our the experienced and skilled team of designers, engineers and craftspeople, creativity and production team, Timeless Travel Trailers can ensure your Business Vehicle is a hit!
The design and engineering team at Timeless are constantly pushing the envelope, looking to build the best possible vehicles. From reverse engineering vintage trailers to converting old vehicles and building new Flxible busses, Timeless can do it!
Timeless Travel Trailers have added 6 units to our commercial rental fleet. From sampling vehicles to pop-up retail shops we have the right trailer for your activation. In addition to the Airstreams, we offer a variety of logistics solutions such as leased vehicles and drivers.

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