Road Soda Bar


VEHICLES: 27 foot – 1967 Airstream Land Yacht and 1962 Airstream
USE: Mobile Bar
CLIENT: Road Soda Bar
PROJECT YEARS: 2011 and 2015
LOCATION: Brooklyn, NY and traveling the USA

Road Soda’s bar on wheels concept was an ideal match with a vintage Airstream Travel Trailer.  The Road Soda Airstream and creative mixologists travel the U.S. year-round concocting craft cocktails for corporate events, weddings, festivals, and concerts.  Road Soda’s bartenders aim to capture the landscape of each unique event by designing a customized cocktail menu to match the aesthetic and overall vibe of the given event. Road Soda Bar One is a 1967 Airstream Land Yacht custom designed and transformed into a revolutionary mobile cocktail experience.
Road Soda’s rolling mobile cocktail bar was a full rebuild including a new chassis.   The interior was designed for a 2-3 person workflow with a curbside serving window and a 50’s diner-style VIP booth in the aft of the trailer.
Amenities include back lit  stainless counters and shelving, aluminum interior skin, under counter refrigerated drawers, under-lit commercial back-bar, foot pedal taps, shaker rinsers, a glass chillerspeed rail with flip-out bar surface, complete beer tap system, beverage machine and cocktail dispensing system, a built-in sound system, and an LCD screen to display menus. 


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    Road Soda brings you the best cocktails you’ve ever had in places you wouldn’t expect them.


    20 Aug, 2015
    Are Mobile Cocktail Bars the Next Food Trucks? Bar-on-wheels company Road Soda is redefining the meaning of a "to go" drink.


    3 Nov, 2015
    Road Soda Bar blends two ofthe-moment trends: vintage trailers and bespoke cocktails. The company can drive both right into your event, whether it’s an off-road or urban location, via its refurbished 1967 Airstream Land Yacht..


    1 Apr, 2016
    "We knew from the beginning that we wanted to use a vintage Airstream from the 1960s—they are iconic, beautiful and have Americana written all over them."