Allegro Flxible Bus


VEHICLE: 1951 Flxible Bus on a new Freightliner chassis
USE: Coffee Bar / Pop-Up Store
CLIENT: Allegro Coffee Company
LOCATION: Colorado / Traveling

Founded in 1977 in Boulder, CO, Allegro Coffee celebrates coffee, tea and spice from around the world, sourcing certified organic and sustainably grown ingredients for their products.  In the mid-90’s, Allegro Coffee developed a partnership with Whole Foods and began opening branded coffee shops within the grocery chain, which was opening new stores across the country.
In an effort to spread brand awareness and educate Whole Foods baristas on how to make the best “cup of joe,” Allegro commissioned Timeless to restore and customize a mid-century Flxible bus into a highly functional and reliable rolling masterpiece.  Allegro’s marketing brand ambassadors travel an efficient geographically-continuous route stopping in all of the Whole Foods’ regions and presenting complimentary Allegro Coffee drinks to guests.
This road warrior, affectionately known by its social media moniker as “FLXBUS,” was placed on a new 2013 Freightliner chassis and stretched three feet to accommodate a commercial generator.  It also includes a custom automotive paint job, stainless counters and shelving, commercial espresso machines, under-counter refrigerators and reclaimed wood bleacher-style benches.  The unit was designed for a two-person work flow with a curb side service window and removable exterior bar.
“We are thrilled to be a part of the Flxible history and proud to be keeping this bit of U.S. transportation history alive on the highways and byways.”
Quoted from: The Allegro Coffee’s blog

Amenities include the following:
Custom automotive paint job, stainless counters and shelving, commercial coffee machines, under-counter refrigerators, reclaimed wood bleacher-style benches and a faux luggage rack on exterior roof to hide A/C.  The unit was designed for a 2-person workflow with a curbside service window and removable bar.


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